Lucky Dhillon has dedicated her entire life in the service to the community. Her personal touch with all her listeners, her compassion and affection has touched many hearts and has earned her a status of a friend, philosopher and guide. Her soft spoken and magnetic voice is touching and appealing which makes her accessible by people of all ages. Children and women particularly love and adore her as a teacher, friend and companion and they find her so easy and comfortable to talk to live on the radio.

Elderly persons look towards her as a very affectionate daughter who is able to provide them so much of daughterly love in their lonely moments while talking to her live on the radio. They find her talks so soothing and comforting which makes their lives worth living and provides them lot of strength.

A disabled girl in a wheel chair had an unachievable dream to visit India. When she got in touch with Lucky Dhillon through one of her radio programmes she made sure that her dream was fulfilled.

LuckyDhillon herself took her to India which involved seeking lot of assistance from the airline to ensure her comfortable travel. The disabled girl was touched and impressed by this rare and touching gesture and restored so much confidence in her. Lucky's services have been recognised and appreciated by people of all faiths, and her radio programmes have bought communities closer together. The message of Lucky Dhillon in her Radio programmes is of Love and Peace.

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